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I. King Liuntolowang 1600 - 1645
Son Jogugu Nalong of Tagulandang and Lokun Patola of Saluran / TABUKAN. Kingdom Manganitu or also known as the Kingdom Kauhis frequent disputes with the neighboring kingdom of the border, particularly the Kingdom of Tahuna. In the year 1645 occurred the battle between the King and the King Tolosan son of King Buntuan Kingdom Tatohe of Kolongan / Tahuna. The second king directly into the battlefield where they deploy soldiers under the commander-choice reliable commander. From the king who became prime Tolosan is his own son of the empress named Bowondampel party Lantomona while King is his own brother Buntuan named Puluntumbage. In these wars, King Tolosan killed by the army and his head was brought back to Tahuna Tahuna by holding a feast. As a result of the victory was drunk fell asleep and all the king's head was in the midst of the party no one to keep. A female slave of the King Tolosan named head Rajanya Salumpito stealing from the middle of the sleeping lascar. One of the guards named Sampaha regained consciousness and to secure the head of its King and Salumpito own self, then negotiate with Salumpito invites Sampaha which would be Salumpito wife Sampaha. This bid is automatically accepted by both Sampaha and bring his head to Tolosan King Manganitu. The body was buried without his head place called Kumui (Bolase) while the head after the worship ceremony was buried in the cemetery Bowontiala Kings Manganitu. With the agreement of the royal family then Manganitu degrees Salumpito freed from slavery is accompanied by a mandate that anyone who classifies woe in degrees Salumpito slave to hereditary.

II. King Tompoliu 1645 - 1670
Son of King of the empress to Tolosan I called Ahung Sehiwu of Saluran / TABUKAN sebapak brother of Heroes Lantemena. In the era of hostility between Rompoliu King Kauhis / Manganitu somewhat subsided after defeating Lantemena Heroes heroes who Puluntumbage place now known by the name Bonohan Saghudi Manganitu. Bonoho meaning is lost. Saghu is water bodies where the bodies to the two sides were lying. King Tompoliu according to his story was a powerful king. Cigarette smoke blown into the bay when Manganitu the entire bay into darkness. Therefore, if a ship enters the bay Manganitu VOC ship has eliminated the direction and turned the bow into the sea. From this Manganitu also known as Maobungan or Mahebungan.

III. King Bataha Santiago 1670 - 1675
King's son of the empress to Tompoliu I called Lawewe daughter of Heroes Ontare and wife from the Kingdom of Kahiwu Wahu Sahbe / TABUKAN. He did not want to make a compromise with the VOC and the resistance and he was arrested and sentenced to hang in Cape Midshipman in 1675. The body was buried in a place he called Bawehungtiwo.

IV. King Diamanti 1675 - 1694
The king's brother who also Bataha Santiago somewhat stubborn against the VOC. When perhujungan Governor of Ternate Padbruggo he did not want to attend the meeting between the Kings in the diadakaan Sangir on Midshipman. He has a position that better large bowel movement or in the local language "Ondobeng mengkile" than met the Padbruggo. Therefore, he is also known as Carles Carles Piantai or Diamanti. But finally accepted the invitation had also signed by the King on board Diamanti de Eendracht in the bay Midshipman in 1675 stating that his descendants should never be king again. Appointments with this threat applies less time in Kauhis and that because his son Manganitu named Ondumang from Tabeha empress became King in 1705 in the year cadets. King Diamanti took part also in agreement with the VOC in Ternate on 9 November 1677 with the Kings other Sangir:
- King of Vasco da Ghama from TABUKAN
- King Martin Tatandan of Midshipman
- King Aralungnusa of Tagulandang
- King Francisco Marvius Batahi of Siau

V. King Dotulong Takaengetan 1694 - 1725
Son of King TABUKAN Francisco Makaampow Yudha Sehiwu Eagle II with the prince consort of Tanjawa from Manganitu. Events to determine who the father was a gold ring and a gold banana represents a bond that can not be decided by any person therein which represents a help. Elangsehiwu said, is my husband but Tanjawa Yudha has given me a piece of meat so I ask dowry part of the kingdom. Therefore King Yudha gives territory on the southern islands Batunderang, claiming, Bobalang and Dakupang. But Elangsehiwu not satisfied with saying: "Do not just give gumpalannya but also give the sheet", as a sign of discontent would be giving it. In the language area is approximately so, "Abe Ko'ta'eng lobe'e, Celikowon Bakose". With these allusions to the King Yudha Manganitu limits and TABUKAN Kingdom. King Yudha Takaengetan name, because TABUKAN can not say anything more while Tanjawa named because Dotulong or Jotulong to Ternate sepeninggalnya TABUKAN Yudha King has helped his wife. Therefore they are named Takaengetan son Jotulong.

VI. King Don Martin Lazarus / Lazaru 1725 - 1740
Son of King Dotulong Takaengetan of Elangsehiwu princess consort of King Aghogo TABUKAN. As with the VOC waste playing politics run kings or sultans in the area of the King Lazaru colonization by the Dutch exiled to Madagascar in 1740, with 20 families who are faithful to him. This disposal to avoid hostilities between Midshipman Manganitu and murder caused by a people of the kingdom called Habibi Manganitu who became a hero of King Lazaru. It happened in the bay Lesa Tahuna Empire under the reign of King Manulung Bansage Paparang. Persecution due to a request that requires Dolontongo Empress of human flesh in the midst of other meals during the celebration held maulid king because all meals are available filled with a variety of fish that not only human flesh. The place where it happened there was a stone and until now known by the name of the surrounding population Batutinggolan. King Lazaru died in Madagascar in 1740. As the data that needs to be investigation by the young generation to which links the names of cities in Madagascar or now known as the Malagasy Republic in relation to disposal of the King Lazaru. Apart from the Malagasy language means when associated with the disposal of the King Manganitu there are some cities which means in the local language Sangir.

1. Which means Entana Nahipe Continent / Country is wasted.
2. Pinohipe which means place of exile or what is now called the Malagasy language Vinerive a city name.
3. Tamatava which has no fat or understanding the language Tamatawa Sangir also a city name in Malagasy.
4. Morin in Sangir or Gone in the Indonesian language, a tribe who inhabited the mountains Tananarive.

Thus the name of several cities in Madagascar, which when linked with the history of King Lazaru Manganitu the possibility of something to do with the history of the region regardless of Sangir Talaud Malagasy own understanding. But this explanation only as data for King Lazaru Manganitu according to the story of exiled to Madagascar. Therefore, older people used to give him the title Master ilaha I had you, which means the king who was in Kaam de geode Hoop.

VII. King Katiandagho 1740 - 1770
Son of Sultan Goraho Darunu Aling of Mindanao with Baibudaeng princess consort of King Aghogho TABUKAN with Lembunsinsale empress. Starting from his seat of government from Paghulu moved to Manganitu. According to legend some areas real name is "Liuntuhaseng". Katiandagho name change was when he came home from Mindanao as a messenger from TABUKAN and Siau to free Prince Pahawuatan, Sangiangtinanding, Tukunang, captured by Mindanao at the time of attack Ondong, as kesetian revenge with a prince named Salawe Mindanao who were killed in when a visitation Siau with his family to Ondong. King Katiandagho successful mission and can return them to captivity. As the voyage home from his stop in Mindanao Karatung, Talaud islands. Maranti heroes sing (nesambo) "I Mr. ligha 'Pa'bali Ke'katiang Pai Dagho". From now on that's the name changed to Katiandagho, as a common call.

VIII. King Lombansuwu 1770 - 1785
The king's son by the empress Katiandagho Uman Duate. In 1785 he was sent to the island of Balut help battle between Portuguese and Mindanao. Him to death did not return to Manganitu.

IX. King Darunu Aling Katiandagho Daniel 1785 - 1792

X. King Bagunda brother Darunu Aling 1792 - 1817

King Dirk Mocodompis Lokenbanua 1817 - 1848

XII. King Jacob Bastian bin Tamarol 1848 - 1855

XIII. King Hendrik Cornelis Tamarol Monde 1855 - 1860

XIV. King Kamehang Jacob Laurens Tamarol 1860 - 1864

XV. King Hari Raya Manuel Mocodompis 1864 - 1880

XVI. After the king died day in 1880 the government held Manganitu Kingdom respectively:
1. President King Tengkue Pantolaeng 1880 - 1882
2. President King Johannis Makahekum Manginteno 1882 - 1883
President Daniel Katiandagho Kirahang King 1883 - 1884
4. President King Salmon Katiandagho Wintuaheng 1884 - 1886
President Lambert ponto King 1886 - 1894

XVII. King Tampilang Johannis Mocodompis 1894 - 1905
Tampilang King died on May 25, 1923

XVIII. King Willem Commission Manuel Pandesolang Mocodompis 1905 - 1942
Son of King Day of Riawulang empress. Empress King Commission comes from Siau named Kansil daughter Ella Louise King Manalang Dulage Kansil. With the marriage of King Commission with the empress Louise Kejoguguan Siau Tamako by the grant of the kingdom to the kingdom and the central government Manganitu Kingdom Manganitu called Manganitu Tamako Kingdom. King Commission for his loyalty to the Dutch government awarded the Star of Allegiance to two times. He then got pancung by Japanese law in November 1944 at Tahuna and was buried along with other kings in Bungalawang Tahuna. Thus history since the founding of the Kingdom Manganitu year 1600 under the reign of King trillion Tolosang until the end under the reign of King Commission in 1942.


I. Raja Liuntolowang 1600 – 1645
Putra Jogugu Nalong dari Tagulandang dan Lokun Patola dari Saluran / Tabukan. Kerajaan Manganitu atau juga dikenal dengan Kerajaan Kauhis sering terjadi pertikaian dengan kerajaan tetangganya mengenai perbatasan, khususnya Kerajaan Tahuna. Pada tahun 1645 terjadi peperangan antara Raja Tolosan dan Raja Buntuan putra Raja Tatohe dari Kerajaan Kolongan / Tahuna. Ke dua Raja tersebut langsung memasuki medan laga dimana keduanya mengerahkan prajurit-prajurit pilihan dibawah hulubalang-hulubalang yang dapat diandalkan. Dari pihak Raja Tolosan yang menjadi andalannya adalah putranya sendiri dari permaisuri Bowondampel bernama Lantomona sedangkan dari pihak Raja Buntuan adalah saudaranya sendiri bernama Puluntumbage. Dalam peperangan tersebut, Raja Tolosan tewas dan kepalanya oleh laskar Tahuna dibawa pulang ke Tahuna dengan mengadakan pesta pora. Akibat dari mabuk kemenangan tersebut semuanya jatuh tertidur dan kepala raja yang berada ditengah-tengah pesta tersebut tidak ada yang menjaga. Seorang budak perempuan dari Raja Tolosan bernama Salumpito mencuri kepala Rajanya dari tengah-tengah lascar yang tertidur. Seorang dari pengawal bernama Sampaha siuman dan untuk mengamankan kepala Rajanya dan diri Salumpito sendiri, maka Salumpito mengajak berunding dengan Sampaha dimana Salumpito bersedia menjadi isteri Sampaha. Tawaran ini dengan sendirinya diterima oleh Sampaha dan keduanya membawa kepala Raja Tolosan ke Manganitu. Jenasah tanpa kepala dimakamkan ditempat bernama Kumui (Bolase) sedangkan kepalanya setelah diadakan upacara pemujaan dimakamkan di Bowontiala tempat pemakaman Raja-raja Manganitu. Dengan permufakatan keluarga kerajaan Manganitu maka Salumpito dibebaskan dari derajat perbudakan disertai dengan suatu amanat bahwa terkutuklah barangsiapa yang menggolongkan Salumpito dalam derajat budak sampai turun temurun.

II. Raja Tompoliu 1645 – 1670
Putra dari Raja Tolosan dari permaisuri ke I bernama Ahung Sehiwu dari Saluran / Tabukan saudara sebapak dari Pahlawan Lantemena. Di jaman Raja Rompoliu permusuhan antara Kauhis / Manganitu agak mereda setelah Pahlawan Lantemena mengalahkan pahlawan Puluntumbage ditempat yang sekarang di kenal dengan nama Bonohan Saghudi Manganitu. Arti Bonoho ialah tenggelam. Saghu ialah air mayat dimana mayat-mayat ke dua belah pihak bergelimpangan. Raja Tompoliu menurut kisahnya adalah seorang Raja yang sakti. Asap rokoknya apabila ditiup ke teluk Manganitu maka seluruh teluk menjadi gelap gulita. Oleh sebab itu apabila ada kapal VOC memasuki teluk Manganitu kapal tersebut dihilangkan arah dan berbalik haluan ke laut bebas. Dari sinilah Manganitu dikenal juga dengan nama Maobungan atau Mahebungan.

III. Raja Bataha Santiago 1670 – 1675
Putra Raja Tompoliu dari permaisuri ke I bernama Lawewe putrid dari Pahlawan Ontare dan isteri Kahiwu Wahu dari Kerajaan Sahbe / Tabukan. Beliau tidak mau mengadakan kompromi dengan VOC dan mengadakan perlawanan dan beliau ditangkap dan dihukum gantung di Tanjung Taruna pada tahun 1675. Jenasah beliau dikuburkan di tempat bernama Bawehungtiwo.

IV. Raja Diamanti 1675 - 1694
Saudara Raja Bataha Santiago yang juga agak keras kepala terhadap VOC. Sewaktu perhujungan Gubernur Padbruggo dari Ternate beliau tidak mau menghadiri pertemuan antara Raja-raja di Sangir yang diadakaan di Taruna. Beliau mempunyai pendirian bahwa lebih baik buang kotoran besar atau dalam bahasa daerah “Ondobeng mengkile” daripada bertemu dengan Padbruggo. Oleh sebab itu beliau dikenal juga dengan nama Carles Piantai atau Carles Diamanti. Namun akhirnya terpaksa juga memenuhi undangan yang ditanda tangani oleh Raja Diamanti diatas kapal de Eendracht di teluk Taruna pada tahun 1675 yang menyatakan bahwa keturunan beliau tidak boleh menjadi Raja lagi. Janji dengan ancaman ini berlaku sedikit waktu di Kauhis dan Manganitu itu karena putranya bernama Ondumang dari permaisuri Tabeha menjadi Raja di Taruna pada tahun 1705. Raja Diamanti mengambil bagian juga dalam perjanjian dengan VOC di Ternate pada tanggal 9 November 1677 dengan Raja-raja Sangir lainnya :
- Raja Vasco da Ghama dari Tabukan
- Raja Martin Tatandan dari Taruna
- Raja Aralungnusa dari Tagulandang
- Raja Fransisco Marvius Batahi dari Siau

V. Raja Dotulong Takaengetan 1694 – 1725
Putra Raja Tabukan Fransisco Makaampow Yudha II dengan Elang Sehiwu permaisuri dari pangeran Tanjawa dari Manganitu. Peristiwa menentukan siapa ayah tersebut adalah sebuah cincin emas dan sebuah pisang emas yang melambangkan suatu ikatan yang tidak dapat diputuskan oleh siapapun dimana didalamnya melambangkan suatu pertolongan. Kata Elangsehiwu, Tanjawa adalah suamiku namun Yudha telah memberikan segumpal daging bagiku oleh karena itu aku mintakan mahar sebagian dari kerajaannya. Oleh sebab itu Raja Yudha memberikan wilayahnya dibagian Selatan pulau-pulau Batunderang, Mendaku, Bobalang dan Dakupang. Namun Elangsehiwu belum puas dengan berkata : “Jangan hanya memberikan gumpalannya tapi berikan juga lembarannya”, sebagai tanda tidak puas akan pemberian itu. Dalam bahasa daerahnya kira-kira adalah demikian ,”Abe Ko’ta’eng lobe’e, Celikowon Bakose”. Dengan sindiran tersebut maka Raja Yudha memberikan batas Kerajaan Manganitu dan Tabukan. Raja Yudha memberikan nama Takaengetan, karena Tabukan tidak dapat mengatakan apa-apa lagi sedangkan Tanjawa menamai Dotulong atau Jotulong karena sepeninggalnya ke Ternate Raja Tabukan Yudha telah menolong istrinya. Oleh sebab itu putra tersebut dinamai Takaengetan Jotulong.

VI. Raja Don Martin Lazarus / Lazaru 1725 – 1740
Putra Raja Dotulong Takaengetan dari permaisuri Elangsehiwu putri Raja Aghogo dari Tabukan. Sebagaimana halnya maka VOC menjalankan politik main buang Raja-raja atau Sultan-sultan yang berada di wilayah penjajahannya maka Raja Lazaru dibuang oleh Belanda ke Madagaskar pada tahun 1740, dengan 20 keluarga yang setia kepadanya. Pembuangan ini untuk menghindari permusuhan antara Manganitu dan Taruna disebabkan pembunuhan oleh seorang rakyat dari kerajaan Manganitu yang bernama Habibi yang menjadi pahlawan dari Raja Lazaru. Peristiwanya terjadi di teluk Lesa yang menjadi wilayah Kerajaan Tahuna dibawah pemerintahan Raja Manulung Bansage Paparang. Penganiayaan tersebut disebabkan permintaan permaisurinya Dolontongo yang menghendaki daging manusia ditengah-tengah santapan lainnya sewaktu diadakan perayaan hari maulid raja karena segala santapan sudah tersedia yang penuh dengan bermacam-macam ikan yang tidak ada hanya daging manusia. Ditempat tersebut dimana peristiwa itu terjadi terdapat sebuah batu dan sampai sekarang dikenal penduduk sekitarnya dengan nama Batutinggolan. Raja Lazaru wafat di Madagaskar pada tahun 1740. Sebagai data yang perlu mendapat penyelidikan oleh generasi penerus sampai dimana kaitan nama-nama kota di Madagaskar atau sekarang dikenal dengan Republik Malagasi dengan kaitannya pembuangan Raja Lazaru. Terlepas dari arti bahasa Malagasi maka bila dikaitkan dengan pembuangan Raja Manganitu tersebut maka ada beberapa kota yang mengandung arti dalam bahasa daerah Sangir.

1. Entana Nahipe yang berarti Benua / Negara yang terbuang.
2. Pinohipe yang berarti tempat pembuangan atau yang sekarang disebut dalam bahasa Malagasi Vinerive sebuah nama kota.
3. Tamatava yang mempunyai pengertian tidak gemuk atau Tamatawa dalam bahasa Sangir juga sebuah nama kota di Malagasi.
4. Morin dalam bahasa Sangir atau Lenyap dalam bahasa Indonesia, suatu suku yang mendiami pegunungan Tananarive.

Demikianlah nama beberapa kota di Madagaskar yang apabila dikaitkan dengan sejarah Raja Lazaru dari Manganitu maka kemungkinan ada kaitannya dengan sejarah dari daerah Sangir Talaud terlepas dari pengertian bahasa Malagasi sendiri. Namun penjelasan ini hanya sebagai data karena Raja Lazaru dari Manganitu menurut cerita dibuang ke Madagaskar. Oleh sebab itu orang-orang tua dulu memberi sebutan kepada beliau ilaha I Tuan su Kamu, yang berarti Raja yang berada di Kaam de geode Hoop.

VII. Raja Katiandagho 1740 – 1770
Putra Sultan Goraho Darunu Aling dari Mindanao dengan permaisuri Baibudaeng putri Raja Aghogho dari Tabukan dengan permaisuri Lembunsinsale. Mulai dari beliau pusat pemerintahan dari Paghulu dipindahkan ke Manganitu. Menurut legenda beberapa daerah nama aslinya adalah “Liuntuhaseng”. Perobahan nama Katiandagho adalah sewaktu beliau pulang dari Mindanao sebagai utusan dari Tabukan dan Siau untuk membebaskan Pangeran Pahawuatan, Sangiangtinanding, Tukunang, yang ditawan oleh Mindanao pada waktu menyerang Ondong, sebagai pembalasan dendam dengan kesetian seorang pangeran Mindanao bernama Salawe yang dibunuh di Siau sewaktu mengadakan perkunjungan dengan keluarganya ke Ondong. Misi Raja Katiandagho berhasil dan dapat memulangkan mereka yang ditawan. Sewaktu dalam pelayaran pulang dari Mindanao beliau menyinggahi Karatung, di kepulauan Talaud. Para pahlawan Maranti bernyanyi (nesambo) “ I Tuan ligha’ Pa’bali Ke’katiang Pai Dagho”. Mulai saat itulah namanya berobah menjadi Katiandagho, sebagai panggilan yang lazim.

VIII. Raja Lombansuwu 1770 – 1785
Putra Raja Katiandagho dengan permaisuri Uman Duate. Pada tahun 1785 beliau diberangkatkan ke pulau Balut membantu peperangan antara Portugis dan Mindanao. Beliau sampai wafat tidak kembali lagi ke Manganitu.

IX. Raja Darunu Aling Daniel Katiandagho 1785 – 1792

X. Raja Bagunda saudara Raja Darunu Aling 1792 – 1817

XI. Raja Dirk Mocodompis Lokenbanua 1817 – 1848

XII. Raja Tampungan Jacob Bastian Tamarol 1848 – 1855

XIII. Raja Monde Hendrik Cornelis Tamarol 1855 – 1860

XIV. Raja Kamehang Jacob Laurens Tamarol 1860 – 1864

XV. Raja Hari Raya Manuel Mocodompis 1864 – 1880

XVI. Setelah raja Hari wafat pada tahun 1880 maka pemerintahan Kerajaan Manganitu dijabat berturut-turut :
1. Presiden Raja Tengkue Pantolaeng 1880 – 1882
2. Presiden Raja Johannis Makahekum Manginteno 1882 – 1883
3. Presiden Raja Daniel Katiandagho Kirahang 1883 – 1884
4. Presiden Raja Salmon Katiandagho Wintuaheng 1884 – 1886
5. Presiden Raja Lambert Ponto 1886 – 1894

XVII. Raja Tampilang Johannis Mocodompis 1894 – 1905
Raja Tampilang wafat pada tanggal 25 Mei 1923

XVIII. Raja Komisi Willem Manuel Pandesolang Mocodompis 1905 – 1942
Putra Raja Hari Raya dari permaisuri Riawulang. Permaisuri Raja Komisi berasal dari Siau bernama Louise Ella Kansil putri Raja Manalang Dulage Kansil. Dengan perkawinan Raja Komisi dengan permaisuri Louise maka Kejoguguan Tamako oleh Kerajaan Siau di berikan kepada Kerajaan Manganitu dan pusat pemerintahan Kerajaan Manganitu disebut Kerajaan Manganitu Tamako. Raja Komisi karena kesetiaannya kepada Pemerintah Belanda dianugerahi Bintang Kesetiaan sampai
dua kali. Beliau kemudian mendapat hukum pancung oleh Jepang pada bulan November 1944 di Tahuna dan dimakamkan bersama dengan Raja-raja lainnya di Bungalawang Tahuna. Demikianlah sejarah Kerajaan Manganitu sejak berdirinya tahun 1600 dibawah pemerintahan Raja Liun Tolosang sampai berakhirnya dibawah pemerintahan Raja Komisi pada tahun 1942.


I. King Makaampow Bawengehe 1600 - 1620
Son of the empress Kulane Tangkuliwutang with Nabuisan. Located in the former Kingdom of Sahabe Nusa mertunya Mamata. She marry the two daughters of the King Weigh Mamata Nusa Sehiwu and Sompo Sehiwu. Makaampow killed in fighting in the two-time attack by Hengkeng Unaung hero with a fleet of Siau with the help of Heroes Tamako Ambala. This defeat was the bodyguard named Tahapansiang betrayal of hate to his employer when they are fishing in the Gulf of Laine. One night a bright moon illuminated the unexpected is the enemy entered the Gulf of Laine. The longer the enemy from the sea near the coast where more Makaampow no preparations for war. With no loss of fish raised Belanak then he gets into the air and hit the light of the moon because the enemies look like a sword of his enemy disandangnya so tentatively. This opportunity is used by slaves swam to inform the enemy that attacked because it was not raised sword fish but Belanak or Gare (in Sangir). Although not armed but Makaampow chase chase started along the northern coast of the bay to bay map Laine and ends in Cape Lapopahe, upfront country Makaampow Map killed in Ambala hand. He died in his family's sword tip where the hero is the mainstay Kulane Ambala Matandatu before dibelahan west out of the kingdom Tamako Channel in 1575 and joined the Royal Siau. Stone battle in which former named Stone Weka Ambala where the sword to kill Makaampow trace. Hence arose the song (sasambo):

“Pili” I Ambala sarang batu weka,
Hengkeng U Naung Limuhum Sebune,
Nanenten bara’ e gare,
Pinahun tika monda’.

Which means in the Indonesian language about this:

Heroes Ambala machete to cut stone,
Heroes Hengkeng Unaung foam surrounds,
Belanak raised his sword,
He thinks the sword ...

Head of King Makaampow brought victory to the cheers Siau by hero
Hengkeng. Head of King Makaampow taken back from the Heroes Kumale Siau. By
So there is another song (sasambo):

“ Mebua” bo’en Tabukan, benteng bo’en dinge’e
Tarai sarang Siau, memena’e Karangetang
Tarai mengala’tembo masaghiwu’etanggulu
Tembo’ I Ratu Wawengehe’ tanggulu’en Makaampow
Enae’ bawaeng saghenuang sarang Moade I wentan
Balan Manuwe.

In the Indonesian language is roughly thus:

Departure from TABUKAN, lifting delivery,
Go to Siau, toward Karangetan,
Go take a head, with skull,
Head of King Bawenghe, Makaampow skull,
Taken to the Channel (Meade ') buried in Manuwe.

However preceded brought by Mengga'e brought to Ambala and was buried there that
This is now known as Menggawa.

Start event and the relationship Siau TABUKAN began tense.

II. King Wuaten I Semba Yudha 1620 - 1665
Son of the consort of King Makaampow Weigh Sehiwu.

III. King Ghama Vasco da Gama Gaman Banua 1665 - 1670
Son of King Wuaten Semba Yudha Taskea I and empress of Tagulandang. In the reign of King Ghama kingdom in Talaud, Salengkor island and Kabaruan Maimuna given to his grandson who became empress of King Batahi of Siau.

IV. King Francisco Makaampow Yudha II 1670 - 1700
Son of King Ghama with Uhentinendeng consort of King putrid Kingdom Tatohe of Tahuna. Kingdom islands adjacent to the South, the Kahakitan, Manongetan, given to his daughter who became empress Maimuna King Batahi of Siau. The relationship between TABUKAN and Siau getting better. After birth son Nusa Rarame the relationship between TABUKAN and Siau recovered. Therefore meaning Rarame Nusa Nusa is a peacemaker.

V. King Dalero 1700 - 1720
Son of King Yudha II with Dolontengo princess consort of King Palango from Tagulandang.

VI. King Mehengkelangi 1720 - 1745
Brother of King Dalero

VII. King Karula 1745 - 1770
Son of King Mehengkelangi with Belisehiwu of Tagulandang empress.

King Sani 1770 - 1795
Son with Jogugu Bulega empress Punsangiang Langi Jogugu Wakari Eldest daughter. Descendants of nothing he become King, while a daughter named Tarumensah but died when I was little. Therefore TABUKAN raised the son of King Manulung Pansage from Midshipman named Paparang Thigh Wuaten of Midshipman. Paparang Wuaten is the grandson of TABUKAN Jogugu Takaulimang, brother of King Makaampow Judha Francisco I.

King Julius Hendrik David Paparang Paha Wuaten 1795 - 1820
Son of King Manulung Bansage Midshipman with the daughter of King Murusilang Empress Lohontundali of Siau.

X. King Laudagima Paparang 1820 - 1875
Son of King Julius H. David Paparang with Wulaeng Hote princess consort of King Ismail Jacobus Mehengkelangi of Siau.

XI. King
Webesan Ignatius Nicolas Paparang 1875 - 1880
The king's son by the empress Laudagima Paparang Sirang.

King Kumuku Anthony David Paparang 1880 - 1900
Son of King Webesan Paparang with Lawewe princess consort of King Manganitu bin.

XIII. President King Siri Darea 1900 - 1908

XIV. King Papukule David Sarapil 1908 - 1924
Son Jogugu Pameras with Hadinda empress. At the time of the U.S. government claims he Miangas island in the Netherlands in 1912. With three U.S. warships Miangas occupying the island and down the Dutch flag on the island. The reason that America is the region of the island Miangas Philippines because it is not far from the coast of Mindanao. In the event the two parties to deploy warships and their respective turns occupying the island. But the seed was in the United States so that Americans occupied the island Miangas. Dutch government center in Makassar can not do anything because there is nothing on which documents for him because the Dutch captured the islands Sangir with violence, then Americans could certainly do so against the Dutch. After King Papukule David Sarapil see that the Dutch did not have the ability in Miangas seizure, so he gave warning to the Dutch government both in Makassar and Manado in order not to interfere with the settlement of the island Miangas that was occupied by Americans. Kingdom TABUKAN can complete based on historical facts. He ordered two royal historian Hendrik TABUKAN Makaminan and Zachary Duke. Hendrik Makaminan village was ordered to Sahabe (ex Royal Pahawon an instant) and Zachary Duke was ordered to Channel (ex Royal Bulega Langi). Hendrik Makaminan get five documents from the history of the Kingdom Sahabe, while Zachary Duke had seven documents from the history channel Kingdom. After the twelve documents collected from the two ex kingdom Papukule King David then sent Zachary Sarapil Duke with a mandate letter from King to meet with officers who became commander of occupation on the island Miangas. King Sarapil send the request to Manado to Makassar via Seven ships sent to TABUKAN for use by delegates TABUKAN in negotiations with the Americans on the island Miangas. The request is fulfilled by the Dutch and ship Seven / Zeven Provincio sent to TABUKAN. With Zeven boarded Provincio, Zachary Duke as envoys accompanied Kontrolur TABUKAN Lemanz de Ryter go to Miangas. Approaching the island the ship Zeven Miangas Provincio met with three U.S. warships were patrolling. The mouths of cannons on board the American diarahakan P Zeven accompanied by questions sein lamp / morse. After the ship Zeven P answered that question in order to negotiate the territory by peaceful means, then allowed to enter, escorted three war ships. TABUKAN Kingdom envoy invited down to the ground and held talks with the American officer who became commander. During the meeting the commander of occupation provides the legal basis for reasons of occupation of the island, that island of the Philippine territory Miangas not including the Dutch East Indies (then) because it is located in coastal areas of Mindanao which became American territory. Therefore, the island's sovereign right is the right of Americans. In response the officer explained it, the Duke answered by Zachary true that America is located in the region according to Mindanao but for the Kingdom of the rights TABUKAN history holds that since 700 years ago that this island is the ancestor of the royal line with the kingdom Gumansalangi Medellu Northern Mindanao and adjacent to a fact the form of old documents that have been brought and that therefore the island is absolutely right Miangas of TABUKAN Kingdom. To reinforce the previous statement again that this island but it's not Miangas Pekilateng (Lightning) which became a shipping point on the sign in the primeval northern direction. Miangas word is derived from the ESE Which means that only a man, which was met by Kenda Arare hero at the time the first foot island, the inhabitants are all male or male. Mang gradually become Miangas ESE. In the Dutch occupation of the island Miangas called Palmas.
In the Dutch occupation of the island Miangas called Palmas. The name was given by the Dutch as a first warning to the President Menado named Elama visited the island. However, a clear island Miangas included in TABUKAN royal family. With the facts that can not be denied by the United States, the United States relented and went to leave Miangas. Dutch flag flew again on the island Miangas that had been torn up by the Americans and the Lion symbol that has been thrown into the sea stood again on the island Miangas. Zachary Duke and Lemans de Ryter back to TABUKAN with diplomatic victory after tongue with the commander. After a border incident immediately tersbut eat Volkenbend convened in 1914 and Validating Miangas island is absolutely the former Dutch East Indies to this day the island became the border between the countries neighboring the Republic of the Philippines and Indonesia and became the absolute right of the Republic of Indonesia.

XV. King Kahendake Willem Sarapil 1924 - 1929
Son of King P. David Sarapil with her consort. At the time of his father's administration that the central government based in the Old TABUKAN (Sea Tebe) moved to Enemawira in 1912. In 1929 he was exiled by the Dutch to Kolonodale Central Sulawesi. Similarly, the king who became Lodewyk Kansil-in-law of King K. Willem Sarapil where the Dutch began the removal of political launch of the Kings who have the education. He returned to TABUKAN after Japan lost the war in 1945. During the State of East Indonesia stood so he became Chairman of the Senate in the State of East Indonesia. State of East Indonesia after the Dutch made disbanded in 1950. In the year 1952 with the decision of the government of Indonesia so he set as First Consul of Indonesia in Davao. But God set another and in 1952 he fell ill after returning from Jakarta and had no position is charged to him. He died in 1952.

XVI. King Levinus Johannis Macpal 1929 - 1942
Missing Jogugu son Menalu with Macpal of Patras Rachel Tenteng empress of Midshipman. King Macpal was the last King of the Kingdom of TABUKAN. He was destroyed by Japanese authorities after receiving heavy punishment in the prison with his brother Karel Midshipman Macpal Jogugu Menalu and beheaded by the Japanese in 1942. The body of the two brothers buried in Tahuna Bungalawang with other victims who suffered the same fate at that time.

Thus history since its founding TABUKAN kingdom since the days of King Makaampow Bawengehe began in 1600 to 1942.