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I. King Leken Banua II 1510 - 1545
He was enthroned in a place called Katutungan. Son of the Empress Pahawon Suluge with Ombun Duata from Bawontehu Kingdom.

II. King Pesuma or Pansumang 1545 - 1575
Son of King II with Leken Banua Mangima Dampel empress of Mindanow Sultanate. Brother King Angkuman and Pansumang is Wasing Lawewe. For the determination of a king to replace his father, then to both Angkuman held Pansumang and fight and ended with a victory on the part of Pansumang Village near the place called Beong Daha Lewua between Ondong and Ulu.

III. King
Ponto Wuisan or Himbawe or Wetewiwihe 1575 - 1612
Son of King Pesuma with Belisehiwu empress.

IV. King Winsulangi 1612 - 1642
The king's son by the empress Wuisan Ponto Pirambai of Kolongan. In the reign of King Winsulangi hostility between TABUKAN and Siau somewhat subsided since the king took the Empress of Winsulangi Channel / TABUKAN Tihuwang Sompo named Tihuwang Sompo which is also the grandson of King Pesuma of the empress named Palungbulaeng of channels / TABUKAN. In the era of King Winsulangi with a very cunning strategy of the Portuguese can set Siau feet on earth with "Mission Sacre" as they are received by the King Winsulangi friend. With the spread of influence of the Catholic religion can be established Portuguese fort and octopuses in Ondong Sumpini castle in Lilento 'Ulu. In 1614 he was baptized in Manado after he received the teaching of Catholic religion in a very short time. He was baptized by Pastor Mangelhaens to obtain Diago christen "Don Jeronimo Winsulangi".
In 1619 Father Pedro Maxarenhas from Ternate Siau visiting holy mass held for the King family, coinciding with Paschen day or Easter, then from the time that the name change Katutungan far Paseng. In addition to the Portuguese the Spanish nation had been able to inculcate its influence in the reign of King Winsulangi. This is not surprising because since the opening of the door in the northern part of the defense, especially the Philippines where the death of King Soleman from the Philippines in the last battle with the Spanish in Manila Bay in 1570, the Spanish fleet strength to flow to the south can not be held back again, although there is a battle - fighting in southern Mindanaou and that's when the Philippines began to fall into the hands of Spain. In addition to Spanish and Portuguese rule, the VOC had been there arose rivalry and power struggle over territory Sangir Talaud between the Dutch and Spanish.

V. Don King Harvius Francisco Batahi 1642 - 1678
Don King's son by the empress Jarenimo Winsulangi of Tihuwang Sompo from Saluran / TABUKAN. The position of King of Paseng transferred to Pohe, as a strategy to expel the Spaniards who have been denied appointment as friends, but eventually felt to take the whole kingdom in which was only accepted as a friend of his father while in government. Once ready for defense fortifications around Pehe then began his opening attack as an attempt to expel Spain from the mainland Siau. Sultanate of Ternate heard that King fought against the Spanish Batahi then the sympathy of the Emperor Bacilisiberi because family relationships between Ternate and Sangir through marriage the daughters of Ternate Sangir and then he sent a fleet to help the King Siau Batahi. In addition, the Company is based in Ternate account that is an opportunity for them to put nails in Siau, the governor also Padbrugge sending a fleet to the East India Company to strengthen Siau Batahi King. Two fleet departing from Ternate to Siau and with the help of victory is finally at hand and the Spanish King Batahi lift leg from Siau. With tersisinya Spain from Siau the opportunity to play a role VOC implement control objectives and Siau islands Sangir generally been smooth because his rival is not there anymore. It was time for the Netherlands today to urge the King Batahi to accept what they want. With a desperate situation and there is no other road taken since recovering from a battle with Spain so with a sense of weight, he received a contract offered by the Dutch in Ternate on 9 November 1677 together Sangir Kings Other:

- King Philips Antoni Aralung Nusa Tagulandang
- King of da Gama Vasgo TABUKAN
- King Diamanti Manganitu

Empress King Batahi is the daughter of Don Francisco Makaampow Judha I to IV of the King TABUKAN named Maimuna. With the marriage relationship between the kingdom Siau and increased familiarity TABUKAN Kingdom. Princess Batahi Maimuna with King, King Vasco da Gama from TABUKAN give a gift to his grandson Maimuna region Kingdom on the island of Talaud Kabaruan and Salongkere. According to Mr. Iwan version Arif Padmadinata that Kabaruan island Ponto Mahadia awarded by the royal Siau because Ponto outperformed Mahadia agility competition held by the King Lekenbanua to expand his empire. (Ikist No.2 Bulletin May 1979 issue pages 14 and 15). Up where the truth of the two versions ni investigation should be held by the expert - young historians Sangir Talaud so the result will be used as a the true history - is concrete that can be accepted by the whole community Sangir Talaud. The author does not reduce the status of Princes Talaud yet clear Talaud islands later that appear in the history of the kingdoms of the Sangir Talaud.
XX th century, or rather in the year 1922 under the reign of King Johannis Tamawiwy based on Beo. Besides that we will not heroes aside Talaud which arise in the twentieth century as a powerful king in Dalaeng west Salibabu, Amale hero or Malia, Sarie Tamawiwy in Beo, Larenggang known in Arangkaa. Arangkaa war against Dutch colonialists who led King Larenggang killed in the war for refusing to submit to the Dutch colonists.
Thus this paper distorted a little bit to give views on brother version Iwan D. A. Prince Padmadinata about the Mahadia ponto marry the daughter of the Wasing Lawee Laekingnya island in Talaud Kabaruan.

VI. King
Hendrik Jacobus Rarame Nusa 1678 - 1716
Son of King Don Francisco Harvius Maimuna Batahi the empress of TABUKAN. He embraced the Protestant religion. Peace between the Kingdom of Siau and TABUKAN recovered as before and with the meaning of the name is as Rarame Nusa Nusa Reconciler symbol. By Datuk Raja Don Francisco TABUKAN Makaampow Yudha I was given some of his empire in the southern island Kahakitang, The 'and Mahongetang. Thus Nusa Rarame Kingdom expands.

VII. King Daniel Jacobus Lohontundali 1716 - 1752
Son of King Hendrik Jacobus Nusa Rarame with Dolonaego empress. He died in Ternate during a visit to Ternate, and was buried in the Church of Ternate was shaved and his hair is sent to Siau and planted in the house church in Pohe.

VIII. Raja Ismail Jacobus Mohengkelangi 1752 - 1788
Son of King Daniel Jacobus Lohontundali with Mendulangkati princess consort of King Mehengkalangi TABUKAN. Center of government by his move to Ondong Pehe. Considering he is a loyal to the Protestant religion in 1755 he founded the church architect Ondong with a teacher named Gospel of Ambon Lopulalan. Form of the church house by eight rectangular shape of the building at that time, namau in 1956 converted into a square shape of four. At the time of his reign Tagulandang Kingdom presented a plot of land beranama Wenene place ', as well as award kajeguguan Tamake bird nests on the island of Kalama.

IX. King Ericus Jacobus Begandelu 1788 - 1790
Ismail Jacobus son of King Mohengkelangi with Esther consorts of the royal Monggeadi Bolang Manoppo Itang, because disturbed memory so he only ruled for 2 years and was succeeded by his brother Egenius Jacobus Umbeliwutan.

X. King Egenius Jacobus Umbeliwutan 1790 - 1822
Brother King Ericus Jacobus Begandelu. In government he presented again kejaguguan Tamake bird nests on the island of Kalama by letter dated October 26, 1801.

XI. King
Francisco Tapianus Paparang Batahi 1822 - 1839
Son of King TABUKAN to IX Julius Hendrik David Paparang Pahawuaten with the empress Elizabeth Jacobus Nurumilang sister of King Ismail Jacobus Mohengkelangi.

XII. King
Nicolaus Ponto Tawere 1839 - 1842
Son of King Salmon from the Kingdom Bolang ponto Itang the empress Vilipina Jacobus sister of King Silegondo Ismail Jacobus Mohengkelangi.

XIII. President King Markus Dulage 1842 - 1850

XIV. King Jacob Ponto 1850 - 1882
Son of King David Bolang Itang brother of King ponto ponto Tawere Nicolaus. At the time of his reign occurred Manganitu disputes with the kingdom of the bay area Daghe until Lapunge, where King Jacob ponto claim area as Siau empire. Amid the dispute to the two kingdoms of this Manganitu Siau and the Kingdom of TABUKAN provide rebuttal addressed to the President of Manado that the disputed area is TABUKAN region, and was a gift from the Kulange Wangua Daghe named Bausang daughter who was the wife of Channel Kulane Ansiga / TABUKAN. Historically it is a disputed territory that is included TABUKAN region after unification of two kingdoms Sahabe channels and the Rimpulaeng Kingdom. Finally, the dispute can be resolved by peaceful region where it is divided in two. The legal basis proposed by TABUKAN, that the region has not given to anyone by either TABUKAN kingdom became king or queen of another kingdom. With the intervention from the President Manado controller, represented by van Zenden then divided the region to both the dispute in 1882, with limits as follows:

a. From Places named Limangu out until Tonde Manandu and Mahuru Island
be Siau region.

b. From Limangu enter into up to a place called Tompohe Laine and out
again to a place called Batun Puikang be Manganitu region.

In this decision apparently did not satisfy the King Jacob ponto political as well Dutch colonizers in restraint of sovereign kingdoms in Sangir Talaud after the introduction of a treaty with the Dutch who, while Dutch acknowledge the Autonomous but absolute power is in the hands of the Netherlands. To avoid the continuation of these events, in addition to colonial goverment see that the King Jacob Ponto is a dangerous eyes of the government Netherlands, and became a thorn in the colonial body in 1882 so he out area to the north coast of West Java town of Cirebon. He settled in Cirebon to death in 1890, and was buried in the southern city of Cirebon named Sangkanurip 12 km from the city of Cirebon. For the older generation the city of Cirebon, he known as the King of Manado.

XV. President Semuel David King 1882 - 1896
At the time of his reign at the government center was moved to Ulu Ondong on 30 November 1890.

XVI. King Manalang Dulage Kansil 1896 - 1908
Jagugu son named Matengkelang with Maitung empress. Siau shrinking empire, because kejaguguan Tamake including: Cape Lelapide up to a place called Limangu, and Mahumu islands, Kalama, Kahakitang, Sanggaluhang given to daughter named Ella Louise Kansil as a wedding gift from his father in 1912, who became empress King Manganitu, King William Pandesolang Mocodompis Commission. In 1908 King D. Manalang Kansil stopped and the Kingdom of Siau held by President King AJ Mohede until the year 1912.

XVII. President King A. J. Mohede 1908 - 1912

Antoni Jafet Kansil Bogarr 1912 - 1918
Son of the King's sister Manalang Dulage Kansil. He died in 1918 due to influenza illness attack that struck the islands Sangir Talaud in 1918. Siau royal government since then occupied by Antoni Dulage Laihad as President King where he was previously Jegugu Ulu. He is the son of Navy Captain ponto Laihad of channels and his mother is sister of Jegugu Matingkelang called Floating. He took control of the royal government until the year 1921 Siau.

XIX. President King
Antoni Dulage Laihad 1918 - 1921

XX. King Lodewyk Nicolaus Kansil 1921 - 1929
Son of King Manalang Dulage Kansil with Behatimbang empress. King Lodewyk or also known by the people with the title King Lody discarded by Blenada government in 1929 to Central Sulawesi Parigi. The Dutch government began to guard against the Kings who had authority to events berlatarkan in the era of the past so sought the reasons for the strong to get rid of.

XXI. 1929 - 1934 to fill the government vacum Kingdom Siau after Lody King go to exile to the kingdom of Siau incompatible by King
Tagulandang Hendrik Philips Jacobz.

King Hendrik Janis 1934 - 1937

King Hendrik Janis was the last King of the Kingdom of Siau. After King Janis stopped the Dutch government lifted F. Parengkuan of Minahasa Kingdom government to continue until the year 1945 Siau.

Thus the history of the kingdom from King Siau Leken Banua II since 1510 until the year 1945.

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